Apr2, 2016

Baby G | Winter Park Newborn Photography

Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

My favorite thing about being a newborn photographer is the people I get the opportunity to meet. I love hearing their life stories. How they met, life before children, their careers, and, for first time parents, the joys and challenges they’ve had in the first week or two of parenthood. As my clients well know, I like to chat! After spending an hour with this Mom, I felt as if we had know each other for years. She is such a joyful, positive, and warm person. I am so thrilled for her and her husband as they welcome their first child. He is already loved beyond measure.

I was so excited to capture a session that reflected their clean and classic style. The Mom wanted to keep it simple with a lifestyle session at their home and also some outdoor pictures. It all came together beautifully and I am so excited to hit the “send” button on their gallery email! 

Feb23, 2016

Baby D | Orlando Newborn Photography

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

I had spoke with this Mom a lot prior to our session and I was so excited to finally meet her and her boys. Her youngest son decided to make his entry to the world a bit early. But he was a little warrior and after spending some time in the hospital, made it home with his family recently.

I have to admit I was a little nervous about getting this sibling shot because we had to get a newborn, one year old, and three year old to cooperate all at the same time. But it went off beautifully! I know this Mommy is going to love having all three of her boys in one picture. They are all so cute!

Baby D was so sleepy and cuddly. I could have just held him and watched him sleep all day. There is something so calming about holding a sleeping baby. I love my job and all the amazing people I get to work with :)  

Feb9, 2016

Fresh baby N | Orlando Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

People often ask what I love to photograph the most. And my answer has always been the same; human connection.

These parents requested a lifestyle newborn session in Orlando with their new baby. A lifestyle newborn session is simple and casual. It captures the family and baby very naturally in their home. It’s all about real moments.

This sweet little man was around 2 weeks old at the time of our session and was still very sleepy. But during some of his alert times, we were able to grab some open eyed shots too! I am so happy for these parents (who happen to be high school sweethearts). They are over the moon for their sweet new son.

Feb2, 2016

Baby Isla | Orlando Newborn Photography

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

It’s hard for me to grasp how quickly the past year went by. My 2015 was pretty off the rails. It involved a new baby, sleep deprivation, balancing home life and being a full time business owner, selling our house, starting the process of building a new home, and my daughter started Kindergarten. I hope I do not sound ungrateful! A lot of amazing things happened last year and my heart is so full. But my energy level was drained. I know there are a lot of other Mom’s out there that can completely relate. The balancing act is a tough one sometimes.

So far this year is going great. I feel like all the changes are coming together and we are getting a routine again. My son is starting to sleep through the night a little better (hallelujah) and our house should be finished by the summer! And I’m so excited to finally have space for a home studio! I can’t wait to offer the option to my clients.

One thing that completely fell through the cracks last year was blogging and sharing my beautiful clients. So every now and then I want to take the time to do a throwback blog from last year.

This blog is from last year and features one of my beautiful little newborns and her parents. We were able to do a mixed session with the family shots outdoors and then focus on the baby inside. These parents were so kind and I could instantly see how insanely in love they were with their new baby. The Mom impressed me so much with her positive outlook and her energy just after having a baby! It’s funny how positivity is contagious. I just love this session. 

Jan12, 2016

Baby E | Lake County Newborn Photographer

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

I’ve had the privilege of photographing this sweet family since their daughter was born three years ago.  I have gotten to see them every year after Christmas. This year when the Mom emailed me to set up their yearly session, she had some exciting news… she was expecting a little boy! I was so excited to meet the newest member of their family. I knew little Miss Z was going to be the best big sister to her new little brother. 

When I got to their house, Miss Z seemed to recognize me, which is always a great feeling. She was so sweet and gentle with her baby brother. The sibling pictures made my heart melt. While Mom was feeding the baby, Miss Z and I explored their house and I was able to get some updated pictures of just her. Then we returned and finished up baby E’s session. He did a great job just like his sister three years ago!

Miss Z’s pictures last year were my first blog of the year, and now she and her brother are my first blog of 2016 (that still feels strange to type)! Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a happy and blessed year.



Mar18, 2015

Baby Peyton | Winter Park Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

When I first arrived at this family’s home to photograph their daughter, I was feeling a little more nervous than I usually do. This particular newborn session was my very first one since having my son in the fall and returning from maternity leave. I guess I was feeling a little bit rusty.

But once these parents answered the door, my nerves were put at ease with their kind and laid back demeanor. I immediately got a feel for their style and personality, and my mind begin flooding with ideas for their session. The mom had requested more of a lifestyle type of session with minimal posing and props. I have to admit, although I do a lot of posing and prop style newborn sessions, I also love lifestyle newborn sessions. There is something so beautiful about just capturing the simple moments.

Little Peyton made my first session back from maternity leave an absolute breeze! She had the sweetest feminine features, not to mention all of that gorgeous hair. Perfect in every way. I get to see her again in a little over a week and I’m so excited to see how much she has grown!

I am currently “remodeling” my pricing and options, and this type of simple baby session will definitely be added. In the meantime, feel free to request a lifestyle newborn session if you prefer this type of style for your family.


Mar3, 2014

Sweet Allie | Newborn Photographer Orlando

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Meet sweet baby Allie, who was nearly 2 weeks old at the time of our session. Her big sister was so in love with her. I couldn’t believe how sweet and gentle she was with Allie. After the sibling pictures, the rest of the session focused on Allie. She did amazing, so sleepy and snuggly.  I could have held her for hours. I love my job!























Mar2, 2014

Baby Mila | Orlando Newborn Photographer

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

I first met this couple about two months ago when I did their maternity pictures. At that session I immediately noticed how when they were next to one another, they totally lit up and I could sense the great love they shared. On this day, I noticed the same thing, except it was now amplified with their sweet baby girl in their arms. Mila is so beautiful and I could not be happier for this family.









































Feb22, 2014

Sweet Sophia | Orlando Newborn Photographer

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

You would not know it, but this little girl was around 4 weeks old at the time of our session! She had some awake moments, but was definitely more sleepy than your average 4 week old. I especially love this session because in addition to the studio/posed shots, we also did some lifestyle pictures.  Sophia’s Mom decorated her nursery so beautiful with an elephant theme and a grey, white, and light pink color scheme.

This couple was so wonderful. When their sweet girl had a hard time falling asleep at the beginning of our session, they stayed totally cool and calm. Which definitely helped her calm down and fall asleep. I had so much getting to know them! I am always so fortunate to have the kindest and warmest clients. Here is the beautiful Sophia and her family:



































Feb12, 2014

Baby Talia | Orlando Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Baby Talia was one of my first 2014 newborns! This beautiful baby girl decided to make her arrival 3 weeks early! I guess she was ready to come out into the world and get things started. We had a special guest appearance at her session by her cousin who was only 5 days older than her. Isn’t that amazing! Two sisters had their babies 5 days apart from each other. They look like they could be twins, both with a gorgeous head of hair. Talia had the prettiest newborn hair I’ve ever seen. It had contrasted highlights, like she had just got back from a week cruise to the Bahamas. It was wild.

Her Mom and Dad were amazing and I enjoyed getting to know them during our breaks. Here is beautiful baby Talia: