August Afternoon | Orlando Child Photographer

It’s funny how the unplanned sessions I do with my daughter are always my favorite. Maybe it is because I’m kind of a fly by the seat of my pants sort of girl, but I just love the simplicity and spontaneity of the “pick up and go” sessions. On this late August afternoon, I glanced out the window to see some beautiful light shining in our backyard. So I threw a cute plaid dress on my girl, grabbed my camera, and off we went. I think the images really capture her curious and adventurous nature. One of the pictures show her looking down a turtle hole in our yard. Lately she has been watching a lot of Alice and Wonderland. She stood starring down this hole for a good 15 seconds, then looks at me and says “no mommy, I too big.” In the picture you can just see her wheels turning as she thinks about climbing “down the rabbit hole” like Alice.
I hope to leave you inspired to take more simple and spontaneous pictures of your little ones!
Thanks for reading! Wishing everyone a lovely September!