Miss Z | Orlando Children's Photographer

I first photographed this family about two and a half years ago when Miss Z was a little tiny newborn. Over a year went by before I saw her again and I was blown away by all the changes a year made. She went from a sleepy, helpless little newborn, to a strong, independent, and smart little one year old girl. I was also amazed how much she changed this past year, from age one to two. At our session this year she was sweet, independent, so smart and could sing her ABC’s and recognize her letters, sing many songs, and say “no” like only a toddler can. We were shooting at one of my favorite locations on a beautiful December afternoon. When we arrived I realized the park had built a big playground since the previous time I was there. I was pretty disappointed because I prefer not to use locations with visible playgrounds when photographing young children. It is too much of a distraction! And as most two year olds would do, Miss Z insisted to go on the slide. But after lots of coaxing from her parents and myself, we were able to get her attention long enough to get some wonderful pictures and capture the genuine personality of Miss Z.
I’m so happy that she is my official first blog of 2015 (Happy New Year, btw!). Love this girl.