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M is One | Orlando Child Photographer

I have had the most fun capturing this beautiful girl over the past year. I saw her a little before Christmas and in just a few months she has grown so much. Babies change drastically at the one year mark. They start becoming little humans with big personalities.
We had a cold snap on the morning of her session, so I was worried she may be grumpy. But not this girl, she was not going to let anything rain on her parade. She is such a happy and delightful baby. And she was a smash cake master. She really enjoyed her sweet breakfast, as you can see 😉

E is One | Orlando Family Photographer

I always love capturing birthday pictures, and the first birthday is extra special! The first year goes by so quickly. It feels like one day they are helpless little newborns, then you blink your eyes and they are eating, walking, and sometimes talking little humans! It’s truly amazing.
I had so much fun at this little fella’s first birthday session! He is so cute with the sweetest personality. We had a long session and he was smiling the whole entire time. He loves his Mommy and Daddy, and Mickey Mouse too. Wishing him a very Happy First Birthday!!
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